The Ningbo Tengyi New Energy Team Came To Haiqi Company For On-Site Inspection 
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The Ningbo Tengyi New Energy Team Came To Haiqi Company For On-Site Inspection 


Company Name: Ningbo Tengyi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Content: On-site inspection and exchange of Haiqi factory
Time: October 12, 2020

Haiqi Environmental Technology, the most competitive engine for energy-using companies

Established in 1995, Haiqi Company is a professional global environmental protection group company. Its subsidiaries include: environmental protection equipment manufacturing, equipment sales, agency cooperation, technology joint ventures, project consulting, project design, project operation, project trusteeship, project general contracting In one high-tech group company. The group’s main three solid waste sectors: agricultural and forestry waste (comprehensive disposal of straw), domestic waste/industrial waste (reduced, harmless, resource-based disposal), domestic sludge/industrial sludge/oil sludge (reduced , Recycling disposal).

The head of Ningbo Tengyi New Energy team, Mr. Wu, came to Haiqi environmental protection technology equipment factory for field inspection, visited the entire factory, in-depth production workshop, technical processing observation; mutual exchange of production process, standardization, technology, mutual promotion and in-depth exchanges.

The Ningbo Tengyi New Energy team discussed and exchanged the technological process in the conference room of the Henan Haiqi Environmental Protection Technology Team; introduced the thermochemical process of converting biomass fuel into combustible gas. In this process, water vapor, free oxygen or combined oxygen undergoes a thermochemical reaction with carbon in the fuel to generate combustible gas. The biomass gasification process is more complicated. It is considered that the drying, pyrolysis, oxidation and reduction reaction processes can be summarized.

Through on-site inspections, the Ningbo Tengyi New Energy team had an in-depth understanding and recognized the technical strength of Haiqi Environmental Protection Technology Company, which laid a solid foundation for cooperation between the two parties.