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biomass gasifier for sale

  • What is biomass gasifier?
  • Types of biomass gasifier?
  • Suitable raw materials for biomass gasifier?
  • What are the product advantages of biomass gasifier?
  • What are the application areas of biomass gasifier?

What is biomass gasifier?

Biomass gasifier is combustible gas energy with crop straw, forest waste, edible mushroom residue, livestock manure, organic waste with certain calorific value and all combustible materials as raw materials. Since biomass energy has the characteristics of high volatile matter, high oxygen content and low ash content, it has obvious advantages to utilize it by gasification.

Types of biomass gasifier?

The more mature and applied biomass gasifiers in the market are roughly divided into: updraft biomass gasifier and downdraft biomass gasifier. updraft biomass gasifier with downdraft design is produced in tower type, and the gasifier covers a larger area; while updraft biomass gasifier with updraft design is produced in horizontal type, and the finished product is shipped from the factory, with a shorter height than tower type and a smaller footprint than tower type.

  • The advantages of updraft biomass gasifier: the whole machine leaves the factory, short installation time on site, small footprint, no smoke when ignited, high temperature cracking, high thermal efficiency. updraft biomass gasifier has no tar, combustion is comparable to liquefied gas, raw materials are easy to purchase, low cost.
  • Disadvantages of Updraft biomass gasifier: requirements for the fuel used, higher cost of the fan used, dust removal and denitrification devices required for exhaust gas emissions behind the boiler.
  • Advantages of downdraft biomass gasifier: downdraft biomass gasifier does not require the use of raw materials, the cost of the fan used is cheaper than that of horizontal gasifier, and dust removal and filters can be installed without.
  • Disadvantages of downdraft biomass gasifier: Longer construction time on site, larger land area, tar production during gas production, higher cost of downdraft biomass gasifier than updraft biomass gasifier. The thermal efficiency is slightly lower than that of the updraft biomass gasifier.

Suitable raw materials for biomass gasifier?

Biomass gas manufactured by biomass gasifier belongs to the new green energy and has a strong vitality. The raw materials of biomass gas produced by biomass gasifier are generally crop straw, forestry waste, edible mushroom residue, cattle and sheep manure and all combustible materials, biomass raw materials are an inexhaustible renewable resource.

Commonly used biomass raw materials are biomass pellets, peanut shells, wheat straw, corn straw, wood chips, wood chips, branches, sawdust, bark, coconut shells, cashew shells, rice husk, rice bran, bagasse, coffee grounds, bamboo, animal and livestock manure (cow dung), paper mill sludge. Biomass gasifier can gasify waste wood and other wood products waste. It cannot process organic waste such as waste plastic, waste rubber, rags, etc. Moreover, the gas after gasification of these organic waste is unstable and the exhaust gas after combustion contains harmful gases such as dioxins which are difficult to handle.

Haiqi designed biomass gasifier is based on wood chips, can be mixed with straw, bark, other combustible waste, but the premise of gasification are several points.

  • biomass raw material moisture can not be too large, controlled at about 20% more ideal.
  • the length of biomass raw materials can not be too long, size ≤ 10cm, to the bark or waste for rough processing, according to certain requirements for a slight processing.
  • too light combustible material is not suitable as a single gasification raw materials, such as grain shells and peanut shells, such raw materials are recommended to be made into briquettes first and then used.
  • straw, bark or some industrial combustible waste, gasification is recommended to mix wood chips to use, the mixing ratio to equipment debugging is appropriate.

What are the product advantages of biomass gasifier?

  • Biomass gasifier raw materials are widely used, wood chips, straw, pellets, rice husk, coconut husk, mushroom residue, etc. can be used
  • Biomass gasifier by-products charcoal, tar and wood vinegar liquid are of high value
  • Biomass gasifier is highly automated, no auxiliary fuel required, plc intelligent control automatically senses feeding and discharging slag, automatic ash cleaning
  • Biomass gasifier produces stable gas, 24 hours continuous and stable operation
  • Good furnace protection, biomass gasifier using water circulation cooling, emergency pneumatic explosion-proof, safe and stable operation
  • Obvious environmental characteristics, very low emission of soot, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide

What are the application areas of biomass gasifier?

Biomass Gasification for Boiler System

Biomass Gasification for Boiler System

1.More environmentally friendly, low energy efficiency, low investment costs for large tonnage, fast return

  • Haiqi biomass gasification for boiler system uses low-NOx biomass gasification burner, docking industrial boilers more stable, green and energy-saving, emission standards in line with the latest EU2019 standards.
  • The biomass gasification for boiler system uses Haiqi’s self-developed 5G intelligent energy management system to reasonably match the energy utilization rate of the system. biomass gasification system has lower energy consumption and the overall efficiency of the gasification boiler system is ≥ 90%.
  • Low investment and high return, Haiqi industrial gasification system can be customized according to customer requirements for non-standard personalization. Single set of system power 350kw~17MW, saving single set of system cost for customers and speeding up the return on investment.
  • Biomass gasification for boiler system effectively replaces fossil clean energy such as natural gas and oil, reduces enterprise operation cost and provides product market competitiveness.
  • The cost of biogas is only 20%~30% of the cost of natural gas, which is a significant economic value and has absolute advantages in industrial transformation projects.

2.High efficiency and stability, more intelligent and safer.

  • Haiqi biomass gasification for boiler system comprehensive efficiency ≥ 80%, high gasification efficiency, according to the customer’s own needs to provide carbon gas co-generation or only industrial gas use.
  • Biomass gasification system operating conditions can automatically adjust the size of energy consumption according to its own use.
  • Biomass gasification system can realize one-key start/stop function, which makes energy-saving transformation easier.
  • System hardware facilities are equipped with multiple explosion-proof smart valves, as well as intelligent sensing systems, which do not require manual intervention after encountering system failure and guarantee safe and stable operation of the system.

3.High energy conversion rate and low operating cost

  • Haiqi biomass gasification system has high energy conversion rate and can provide personalized solutions according to the actual needs of customers.
  • Biomass gasification for boiler system can control the carbon residue produced within 1~3%, and the proportion of carbon residue can be adjusted according to the demand.
  • The system can be manned by only one person, or can provide 24-hour unmanned service according to the user’s demand, with low operation cost.

4.Longer system life and easier maintenance

  • The service life of Haiqi biomass gasification system is about 15~20 years, the core parts are made of stainless steel alloy, the system life is longer.
  • Haiqi biomass gasification system structure is simple and easy to maintain, the overall cleaning of the system without manual intervention can be directly realized by one key cleaning, one key start and stop.

Biomass Gasifier Docking Drying System (Industrial Calcination)

Biomass Gasification Multifunction Drying Waste Heat System
Biomass Gasification for Drying and Calculation System

1.Cleaner, more environmentally friendly

  • Haiki biomass gasifier docking drying system transforms traditional natural gas drying system, industrial calcination, industrial kiln, etc. It is cleaner, more stable, more efficient and lower cost.
  • Haiqi biomass gasifier docking drying system raw materials from a wide range of sources, renewable biomass fuel can be used, greener than fossil energy lower cost, more environmentally friendly.
  • High gas temperature, haiqi biomass gasifier can automatically adjust the hot air temperature according to user needs.
  • The cost of biogas is only 20%~30% of the cost of natural gas, which is a considerable economic value and has absolute advantages in industrial transformation projects.

2.Intelligent, digital intelligence

  • Haiqi biomass gasifier docking drying system can be upgraded and linked according to the user’s original drying equipment to achieve intelligent operation of the whole system to provide stable working conditions of the system operation.
  • The biomass gasifier system adopts multi-point online detection of pressure, temperature and flow rate of the drying system, which can be automatically adjusted according to different working conditions.

3.Safer and more reliable

  • Haiqi biomass gasifier docking drying system adopts intelligent chain system and user drying system chain to ensure the reliability of the system, continuity and stability.
  • Ai multi-point collection system information, effectively avoiding safety hazards, multi-link point safety check valve, can automatically cut off flame retardant explosion-proof in emergency situations to effectively avoid safety accidents.
  • Biomass gasifier system operation more reliable, providing system operation stability, continuity, reliability.

4.Easier system maintenance

  • Haiqi biomass gasifier docking drying system has a simple structure, easy to operate, easy to start and easy to maintain.
  • Haiqi biomass gasifier can provide the system automatic cleaning function according to the customer’s requirements, to achieve one-key cleaning.
  • Anti-blocking and explosion-proof, the biomass gasifier system reminds users of the maintenance time and maintenance cleaning area according to the smart sensor. The system wisdom valve helps users to enhance.