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Haiqi Biomass Wood Chip Burner For Sale


Biomass biomass wood chip burner is a kind of wood chip and wood block as fuel combustion equipment, with energy-saving and environmental protection, safe and stable, simple operation and so on.

Basic introduction of biomass wood chip burner:

Biomass wood chip burner, mainly used in oil and gas boiler supporting and energy-saving transformation, coal-fired boiler environmental protection transformation, drying line supporting heating, kiln heating, etc.. Under the same conditions, the fuel cost of burning wood chips with wood chip burner is 75% less than electricity, 70% less than fuel oil, 60% less than natural gas, and about 50% less than liquefied gas. Biomass wood chip burner can directly replace the original gas burner and biomass pellet burner, and further save the fuel cost after replacement, which has a very large sales volume and wide application in the market.


Biomass wood chips burner, as the name implies, is a kind of combustion equipment to burn biomass wood chips, wood blocks, wood chips, briquettes and other fuels, using semi-gasification combustion method, the main structure includes: combustion chamber, grate, spit, primary fan, secondary fan, feeder, belt conveyor, control cabinet, cooling system and other components. The fuel is burned in the furnace chamber by low temperature semi-gasification, and the combustion inside the furnace chamber is called primary combustion, and the combustion outside the furnace chamber is called secondary combustion.

What types of raw materials can be burned by biomass wood chips burner?

Equipment use of biomass wood chips burner:

Biomass wood chip burner can be used in dryers, hot air furnaces and steam boilers, etc. Biomass wood chip burner is widely used in rotary dryer, vertical dryer, hammer dryer, indirect dryer, slag micro powder vertical mill, air swept coal mill or coal powder vertical mill, fertilizer slurry spray granulator, powder drying tower, waste heat power generation supplemental heat, material frying machine, all kinds of semi-finished products dryer and other equipment heating; can be widely used in industrial raw materials or products drying, roasting. Such as: slag, clay, sludge, calcium carbide slag, compound fertilizer, industrial gypsum, gypsum board, iron ore concentrate, quartz sand, yellow sand, laterite, sulfur concentrate, rhodochrosite, zinc leaching slag, white carbon black, coke, coal powder and coal mud, etc.

Performance and characteristics of biomass wood chip burner:

1. biomass wood chip burner fuel adaptability is wide, can burn a variety of wood chips, wood flour, bark, etc. with a value greater than 30%.
2. furnace combustion temperature (850~1100℃), uniform operating temperature and stable heat supply.
3. high combustion efficiency of biomass wood chip burner, the combustion rate can reach more than 99%.
4. easy ignition, longer pressure fire time, quick start of hot stove.
5. Adjustable hot flue gas outlet temperature, wide and flexible adjustment of heating load.
6. clean combustion, no black smoke, energy saving and environmental protection, low nitrogen content in the flue gas.
7. Biomass wood chips burner realize electromechanical integration control, intelligent design of thermal engineering control, low labor intensity.
8. Long service life of furnace lining, few wearing parts, low maintenance cost.

How to choose a biomass wood chip burner?

1.Hearth design. Because the key part that determines the quality of a burner is the equipment chamber, because the chamber has the largest heating area, the highest temperature, the most use. Some hearth furnace body outside the use of steel inside the use of refractory brick masonry, the middle of the insulation layer; some hearth furnace body inside no brick, directly using stainless steel; some hearth furnace body using castings overall do; in cooling, some furnaces are air-cooled, some water-cooled. The material and design of the top of the furnace is also a very important place, some furnaces directly use water jacket to seal the top, such a way will produce too much circulating hot water, resulting in waste. When doing a large burner, because of the large furnace body, the roof does not produce support, it is easy to lead to the collapse of the insulation layer inside the furnace, when a furnace chamber collapsed, the whole furnace needs to stop for redoing the furnace chamber.


2.The space design of the furnace body. The same model of burner, different manufacturers make different burner size and weight, which is directly related to the design of the furnace. A good design is familiar with the nature of different raw materials biomass our characteristics, as well as boiler operation and load characteristics, and according to these characteristics to design. This is the reason why some furnaces can be used for several years without problems, and some have problems with a few months statement. Similarly, when it comes to space design, it is related to the ability to meet the boiler load out of steam, for example, a 10-ton burner, open full horsepower full load can only be up to 7-8 tons of force, why can not be out of 10 tons of force? The size of the space is directly related to the steam output. Of course, our average load is best to choose in about 70%.


3.The problem of manufacturing selection. A good design, but also a good manufacturing process, coupled with the selection of good production materials, in order to complete a good device. Otherwise, a good design alone is also useless, the quality of the equipment is still not a good guarantee. The same model of equipment, different manufacturers are sure to choose different materials, and these are not insiders can not tell the difference. And even if there are good materials, if there is no more experienced process, the equipment produced is also very easy to have various problems. Thus, there will be the same model of equipment will produce a variety of different market prices. We can not just look at the price, without taking into account the conditions of price composition and the various costs behind this price, good quality equipment, how much higher the production cost of the general public is also unable to distinguish.


4.The problem of equipment qualification, supporting boilers need type test report, no type test report, the installation procedures will encounter trouble.


5.The problem of after-sales service. Thermal equipment is one of the main equipment to ensure stable production of the plant, its stability is very important, and the stability of the equipment in addition to the above-mentioned design, manufacturing, materials, after-sales service is also very important. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a supplier with after-sales service guarantee, rather than a higher price.

Biomass wood chip burner docking boiler system:

1.Biomass wood chip burner docking dryer system

2.Biomass wood chip burner docking coal boiler system

3.Biomass wood chip burner gas boiler system