Is pyrolysis of plastic profitable?
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Is pyrolysis of plastic profitable?


With the advantage of low capital investment and high return, waste plastic cracking plant has become the preferred waste treatment method in many countries. Waste plastic cracking plants can process various waste plastics, including PE, PP, PS, ABS, paper waste, etc., which can be converted into useful resources such as fuel oil and carbon black. Some investors may wonder if pyrolysis of plastics is feasible? Can it bring revenue? The answer is yes.


Three aspects introduce the feasibility of plastic pyrolysis.

1.Economic profit: It is well known that plastic waste is a headache pollution problem as it is difficult to degrade without any processing. However, pyrolysis of plastics can convert plastic waste into fuel oil and carbon black. Fuel oil has a high calorific value and is widely used in steel plants, glass plants, cement plants, ceramic plants, brick plants, boiler heating and other industries. Carbon black can be sold directly or reprocessed for use as an additive. The manufacture of rubber products. In short, it is a good heating fuel substitute for all industries that need heating. In addition, our customers have proven that there is a good market for plastic fuel oil in many countries. Depending on the market outlook and price of these fuel oils, there is a large profit margin for plastic pyrolysis into oil. Some of the gases produced during plastic pyrolysis contain non-condensable gases. Directly recover the heating cracking reactor to reduce the operation cost.


2.Environmental protection: In the process of pyrolysis of plastics, the possible sources of pollution are water and gas pollution. The water used for plastic cracking process is all recycled water, which is used to cool the oil and gas into fuel oil without contact with oil and gas. Therefore, the water is non-consumptive and non-polluting. To avoid soot and tail gas pollution, the waste plastic cracking plant is designed with professional water dust collector, exhaust gas deodorization device, and desulfurization and dust removal tower. After treatment by these devices, 80%-90% of harmful emissions in the gas can be removed to meet the emission standards. The carbon black collection device can ensure no dust pollution in the process of carbon black slag discharge.


3.Safety: The waste plastic cracking unit has many special safety devices to ensure the safe operation of the machine, such as safety valves, alarms, thermometers. In addition, a lot of effort is spent on machine design to ensure safety, such as the track design of pallets, bellows, buffers, oil-water separators, water seals, vacuum, etc. For example, the negative pressure system keeps oil and gas out of the Cracking reactors to ensure safe operation of the cracking unit.


How to make your pyrolysis unit more profitable?

1.Buy a high quality pyrolysis machine: It is directly related to the oil output rate and quality. In addition, long service life and stable working condition will reduce your operation cost.  In addition, the operation is simple and safe. Generally speaking, 2-3 workers can run the plant smoothly to reduce your labor cost. Not only that, the service life of high quality pyrolysis machine is up to 10 years, which makes it more cost effective.


2.Choose the right model and auxiliary equipment: You should know how much raw material you will process in a day, the moisture content and size of the raw material, even the available fuel, labor cost, etc.. It will directly affect the cost of your pyrolysis equipment. 3.


3.Reduce operating costs: Try to find cheap raw materials. By the way, it is also important to use the recommended materials to ensure the oil yield and efficiency. That is, size less than 20mm and moisture content less than 15%. In addition, make use of working hours. For an intermittent pyrolysis unit, it takes 1.5-3 hours for feeding, 7-8 hours for the pyrolysis process, 2-3 hours for cooling, and 2-3 hours for discharging. You can choose to feed at noon and discharge the product the next morning. This can save some labor input. 4.


4.Work with a qualified pyrolysis equipment supplier: In addition to a high quality pyrolysis machine, you need to consider their service, including warranty, timeliness, installation, spare parts quotation, maintenance, product upgrade, etc.