What is a biomass burner?
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What is a biomass burner?


What is a biomass burner?

Biomass burner is a kind of biomass semi-gasification automatic control burner, using biomass pellets and other organic biomass as fuel biomass high-temperature cracking burner, the combustion cost is 75% less than electricity, 60% less than fuel oil, 50% less than natural gas, 40% less than liquefied gas, and zero pollution.


What are the categories of biomass burner?

There are many types of biomass fuels according to the different classification of the fuel used, but the corresponding biomass burners can be classified according to the shape of the fuel as:

1.biomass wood chip burner, using block fuel (such as wood chips, waste construction templates, etc.), the particle size of the fuel is generally controlled within 5cm, of course, this type of equipment can also use biomass pellet fuel, all this type of equipment can also be called biomass multifunctional burner.

2.biomass pellet burner, using formed pellet fuel, the diameter of formed pellet fuel generally has 6/8/10mm specifications, the market is dominated by 8mm, all types of models are also the most common models on the market, because the fuel has formed the market circulation, convenient storage and transportation, more widely used.

3.biomass wood chip burner: the use of powdered fuel (such as sawdust, rice husk powder, bamboo powder, etc.), the particle size of the fuel is generally within 5mm, the combustion efficiency of this type of equipment is a little higher, but because the fuel is not convenient to transport, so this type of equipment is generally limited to the surrounding enterprises and individuals with similar fuel use.

4.Biomass wood powder burner: the use of fuel for powder fuel (such as sanding powder, wood powder, etc.), the granularity of the fuel is generally within 0.1mm, the combustion efficiency of this type of equipment is up to 95% or more, mainly for wood processing plants and panel manufacturers, because the production process of such manufacturers have such offcuts as fuel, but also boilers, dryers and other energy-using equipment.


What is the working principle of biomass burner?

Biomass burner mainly consists of biomass burner body, feeding machine, multiple air distribution system, electric control system (human-machine interface, PLC intelligent detection control) and so on. The combustion chamber of the burner is two-stage combined type, biomass fuel enters the high temperature cracking semi-gasification combustion chamber in two stages by automatic feeding system, multiple air distribution, and gasification device is supplied from the lower part of the furnace to form a suspended semi-gasification combustion and rapid cracking reaction to produce high temperature gas. The process will produce precipitation and intermediate products H2, CH4, CmHn, CO and other combustible components, the temperature reaches more than 1000 ℃, through the combustion chamber into the oxygen for suspension, gasification, combustion and through the combustion nozzle into the supporting was heated equipment, flush boiler heating surface instead of coal, diesel, heavy oil and other traditional energy to do work. At the same time, the carbon block after gasification continues to burn under the action of the original boiler blower until it is burned out and falls into the ash chamber.


What are the advantages of biomass burner?

1.Energy-saving, environmental protection, intelligent.

2.semi-gasification combustion mode, high combustion efficiency.

3.High combustion flame temperature, can be used to replace diesel burners, natural gas burners, heavy oil burners.

4.Combustion in the flame emitted from the flame outlet will contain a small amount of ash, in the application, should be reserved in the heat exchange equipment (such as heat exchangers, aluminum melting furnace, etc.) to clear the ash port.

5.Flue gas emission contains very little sulfide, far below the national standard.