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Haiqi Environmental Protection
Haiqi Environmental Protection provides intelligent solutions for energy producers. Through the coupling and complementation between different energy types, the synergistic optimization between energy production, transmission, storage consumption, etc. is enhanced, and the active utilization level and the flexibility of energy supply are improved. Ultimately achieve the goal of improving energy efficiency and reducing energy costs, and provide high-quality solutions for the active realization of sustainable zero-carbon cities.

With Haiqi's expertise in the renewable sector, we are a world leader in the application of pyrolysis gasification to conversion processes specifically for those wishing to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and do so in an economically attractive manner. client.
Our products are all designed to help the environment by:
1. Replacing fossil fuel burners with Haiqi's proprietary biomass clean renewable energy
2. Recovery of valuable by-products from waste (eg: biomass char, tar, acetic acid)
3. Reduce the cost of energy consumption for industrial high-energy-consuming enterprises and improve the competitiveness of the industry through the innovative EMC model
4. Reduce carbon emissions and energy costs by using renewable fuels in Haiqi mobile power plants
5. Use low temperature carbonization system to solve the problem of utilization of biomass, livestock manure and sludge.
6. Use general waste to produce renewable natural gas.
7. Hydrogen extraction from biomass and domestic waste